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Extra Large Powder Coating Bays

Our 50,000 square foot facility houses four extra large powder coating bays in order to accommodate the largest job you have. Rest assured, big or small, at NWI your project will be met with the capabilities to surpass your expectations.


Powder Coating Ovens

As an integral part of the powder coating process, we want to make sure we can move products through as quickly as possible in order to create a finish that you will be proud of. Our ovens allow us to cure your products with proficiency and proper technique. Our ovens are 10ft x 10ft x 25ft so we aren't limited by the size of your project.

Color Matching

Color matching services

A consistent look is one of the keys to a professional feel. We have the ability to color-match your existing products, so no matter what work you've already had done, or what look you're trying to achieve, we will match it with precise accuracy.

View the color charts of our vendors:


Superior pre-wash process

We know surface preparation is key to the condition of the finish; the end finish is only as good as the surface to which it's applied. Our Pre-Wash is a five stage wash process that includes metal detergent and phosphate which is critical in attaining proper adhesion of the powder coat. 


Full Sandblasting Capabilities

Sandblasting the surface of your material prior to coating provides an excellent surface for adhering the powder coating. Sandblasting also increases the adhesion and durability of the finish. Our blast system uses a 30/60 sand mixture (or any blast media of your choice) to remove the old finish, metal oxides, or manufacturing by-products that remain on the metal to ensure that you final product is as clean and presentable as possible. Our Sandblaster is 10ft x 12ft x 25ft so it can handle nearly any job!


indoor storage, loading, and unloading

We want to protect your investment. Managing all of our products under one roof ensures that the amazing quality your products have the moment they're finished is the same quality you'll see when you receive them.


pick-up and delivery

Helping your business matters to us. That's why we offer pick-up and delivery of all projects, no matter the size.

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